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Terms applicable to this booking:

The booking is confirmed upon issuance of the confirmation letter of the agency snowho by Fiona Kriegeris. The payment of 100% on the agreed rental charge for your stay is due according to the reservation confirmation. Out-of-pocket expenses will be charged separately. An additional administration fee of 5% will be charged on all payments through the agency snowho by Fiona Kriegeris to third parties such as transfers, booking of massage therapists, ski schools, guides, lift passes and similar.  To the extent not specifically set out otherwise herein, the ‚Standard Terms for the Hotel Industry’ as published by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Section Hospitality (GTHC) shall apply kindly refer to :

Cancellation fees shall apply as follows:

Special conditions regarding the actual COVID-19 pandemic:

You will benefit from the local industry’s collective insurance, called the ‚winter package‘ which applies in the federal state of Vorarlberg. Kindly refer to :

In addition you will be entitled to postpone your stay, if one of the following situations applies over the period of your planned stay as an effect of COVID-19:

Upon your request, we will in such case re-schedule your stay at your chalet/penthouse/apartment, subject to availability and then applicable rates, to a later point in time within 12 months from the planned arrival date.  The value of your confirmed booking may be off set against the cost of the replacing stay. We will convert any prepayment you have made into a voucher that you can use for guaranteeing the replacing stay.  Otherwise, the Austrian General Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Industry (GTCH) apply as agreed. For your own safety, we recommend taking out additional travel cancellation insurance.